North Ford Street Trails

This trail is hidden in the middle of Clarksville. The official trailhead parking is located off of N Ford Street. If you pass the satellite dish antennas you went too far. The entrance is a gravel road, then into a gravel parking lot with map signage of the trail.

CAMBATN - North Ford Street Trails

The best route from Providence St is to take E St to N Ford, turn at the bend in the road and look for the gravel road. Avoid Chapel Street.

This is an IMBA designed or assisted trail. It currently is about 3.5 miles long. It is quite obviously designed and cut by MTB trail builders and is purpose-built for MTB with bench cut trails, correct radius turns, sustainable grades, etc.

The trail is direction flow based on days of the week, with the trail being clearly marked by red diamond squares with black arrows. The trail is mostly in dense tree cover, well-marked and varies from flowing twisty dirt to some small rock negotiations. There is a map kiosk at the TH and more data on the trail progress. Donate some time if you can to expand this trail.

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